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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cast Away

I just saw the movie. I remember when this movie was out ( 5 years ago! ) I really wanted to see it because of all the beautiful scenary. Chris my colleague brought it for me to watch; we were watching "Philadelphia" last week (yes , we watch DVDs at work & we get paid at the end of the month for sitting here & doing nothing but watch DVDs ) , when he offered to bring me this one.

Here is what I thought :

1- Unlike what Si said, I found the movie very catching & I was not bored at all. Even in the scenes when nothing happened, I still enjoyed them.

2- I pray to God I would never ever be in Tom Hanks' place, I simply won't survive. I am no Robinson Cruso. Never was, never will be.

3- I did not think the name "Chuck" suit Tom Hanks.

4- I can never get a fire to start even if my life depends on it, I simply can't.

5- Wilson: hmmmmmmm ...... I did not like it/him. But then again, I don't know how would I react if I don't have anyone to talk to for 4 years.

6- "I'll be right back" that's what he told his fiancee at the begining of the movie..

7- I kept wincing everytime he injured himself, which was about half the time, not to mention the tooth extraction

8- I love civilization. Praise God for electricity, housing, clean water, .............


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